In a world where it's commonly believed that Chinese people aren't adept at original design, there's a group of designers working tirelessly to change that perception. Today, I'd like to share with you the story of watch designer Nia. During her studies in industrial design in the United States, she became acquainted with an award in the international design community – the Golden Nose Award. This award, with its ironic undertones, is specifically given to those who plagiarize others' designs. Unfortunately, in the past, Chinese designers often found themselves at the forefront of this award. This reality ignited a mix of anger and frustration within Nia.

Nia graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States with dual degrees in industrial and graphic design, excelling in her studies. With a burning desire for innovation, she was determined to change the landscape of Chinese design. Thus, she embarked on a journey with the Haofa watch brand, aiming to challenge tradition and pursue innovation together.

From the design of the watches to the 3D modeling of planetary dials and packaging illustrations, every aspect of Haofa's Starry Orbit watches is an original creation. Nia firmly believes that, just as the solar system continues its eternal orbit, she too is on a journey to pursue her dreams. "Though I may be just a small designer, I will steadfastly follow my dreams year after year, with my heart connected to the vast universe and my aspirations set on the infinite sky," she says.

The starry trails on each Starry Orbit watch symbolize a belief in fighting against mediocrity and imitation. They aren't just patterns in the night sky; they're witnesses to each person's pursuit of greatness. Courageously chasing dreams is the engine that drives those dreams forward.

Today, as Haofa approaches its 30th year, it continues its unwavering pursuit of dreams. Together with Nia, it has become a symbol of innovation, paving the way for those bold enough to challenge conventional norms.