Haofa Time Tales —— Haofa 12 Zodiac Head Tourbillon Watch

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Haofa Time Tales —— Haofa 12 Zodiac Head Tourbillon Watch

Yuanmingyuan, the once-majestic imperial garden, was home to twelve legendary animal heads, rotating in a fountain, representing the Chinese zodiac.

But the ravages of war turned this wonder into ruins, and the twelve animal heads were scattered across the globe. Now, 164 years later, we are still on the quest to find the missing pieces. Four of these heads—snake, goat, rooster, and dog—are still missing.

Haofa, a traditional Chinese watch brand, has made a commitment to contribute to this journey. Our lead designer, Mr. Fang, drew inspiration from the search and spent two years meticulously crafting a unique tourbillon watch. This isn't just a watch; it's a piece of art that carries history and culture within its design.

What makes this watch special is its design—a golden case, with all twelve zodiac animal heads engraved on the dial. Yet four of them are in silver, representing the ones that are still missing: snake, goat, rooster, and dog. The found heads are golden. As the tourbillon spins, it reminds us that time keeps moving, but the story isn't over. We're still searching, still waiting, hoping for the return of those four silver heads.

When you wear this watch, it's more than just a timepiece; it's the start of a story. People will ask about the watch and its hidden meanings, sparking their curiosity. It inspires exploration and encourages people to join the quest to find the missing animal heads.

Haofa hopes this watch will raise awareness about the story behind it. It's not just a watch—it's a bridge to history, a tribute to culture, and a journey we take together in search of justice and truth.

Each rotation of the tourbillon is a reminder that time is passing, but we shouldn't forget the missing animal heads. We look forward to the day when these four silver heads—snake, goat, rooster, and dog—turn golden, returning to their rightful place.

Join us in this exploration, in this wait, in this hope. Let's work together to recover the lost animal heads and complete the circle of history. Wear this watch and let it become your story, our story.

Haofa: A watch with a story. Join the search, share the hope, and be part of the journey.